A good question to ask any “expert” who is trying to sell you an aircraft is, “Have you personally owned and operated this plane?”

Lance Creamer, founder of Jett Aircraft LLC


Jett Aircraft was founded in 2011, and named for founder Lance Creamer’s grandson Jett Allen. Creamer has been been operating, buying and selling aircraft since 1987, accumulating 30 years of industry experience. Creamer has been dedicated to promoting the industry, keeping his customers satisfied, and creating a positive experience for them.

Creamer’s passion for flying and love of aircraft developed at a young age. He purchased his first aircraft, a 1969 Piper Aztec. The experience was extremely costly in numerous ways. This taught him how important it was to have a sincere customer advocate to avoid the serious financial risks one takes when purchasing a plane.



Experts say the average length of time that a person or a business will survive in the aviation industry is about two years. With this kind of large turn over in the aviation industry, Creamer feels that the failure rate is due to substandard service on the part of the aviation business operators.

Overpricing, overcharging, overselling and the unloading of bad products for aircraft, as well as charging for things you really don’t need are real concerns. In his years of experience Creamer has had his share of bad experiences. Unfortunately there are too many “experts,” pilots, salesman, and even mechanics that have no real knowledge or ability to sell you an aircraft but only see an opportunity to make “quick money.”


Jett’s first objective is to sell you an aircraft that you would be able to re-sell without taking a loss, ensuring you make a profit if you decide to get out of the ownership of the aircraft.

Secondly, Jett can help you operate your aircraft, including making decisions on maintenance crew, insurance, and dry-lease opportunities to offset cost and utilize the aircraft to its full economic potential, while keeping you in the aviation industry with a positive and financially successful experience.

However, if you decide that aviation is not for you and you leave with a profit instead of a huge loss, Jett still sees that as a win-win.

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